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Stabbys Briefing Request

New Battlefield Members Click HERE Today, 12:31 PM
Gamer Tag - Stabby__McStab__ Platform - ps4 Game - Bf4 Squad - Sabre Contacted instructor - Sure have
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Briefing Request

New Battlefield Members Click HERE Today, 09:49 AM
Gamer Tag - GtFktKnt    (must be correct) Platform -  PS4Game - Battelfield 4Skype Name - N/a    After reading the Training Times which squad best suits you? Avenger     Have you contacted the appropriate Drill Instructor? Not yet
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Briefing Request

New Battlefield Members Click HERE 28 Jul 2014
Briefing Request Gamer Tag - GTP_Chia   Platform - Playstation 4   Game - Battlefield 4, (Also COD is an option to consider)   Skype Name - Chia_8 After reading the Practice Times, which squad best suits you? WARHAWK Have you contacted the appropriate Briefing Instructor? Not...
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leighster - New Recruit

New Battlefield Members Click HERE 29 Jul 2014
Briefing Request   Gamer Tag - leighster Platform - PS4 Game - Battlefield 4 After reading the training times which squad best suits you? Warhawk Have you contacted the appropiate Drill Insturctor? Not yet will do today
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Facial hair appreciation.

The Lounge 27 Jul 2014
Rowdy was asking about my mo today, here is a picture from this week.      Anyone else got some manly facial hair they want to show off?
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An awesome fan made video, MUST SEE!
Thankyou to the team at Patwwa Productions for this EPIC depiction of End Game, its like you've never seen but how you always feel. Great work guys......
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Apr 25 2013 04:16 AM
I love this game
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